South Vancouver

  • Front view of a custom built contemporary home in South Vancouver.
  • Glass-sided steel stairs with a modern design at a South Vancouver custom house.
  • Custom home in South Vancouver.
  • Spacious bathroom with two bathrooms and white tiles at a custom home in South Vancouver.
  • Spacious kitchen with a clean and modern design.
  • Spacious backyard with a contemporary design at a South Vancouver custom home.

This stunning house is a marriage of durable, low maintenance materials and high-end, West Coast contemporary design. Meant to allow aging family members to live adjacent to family, this open concept, laneway home offers exceptional flow between spaces. Sightlines from the front of the house invite the eye into the welcoming backyard and make the space feel connected and family-oriented. The kitchen is a dream, with a large island, undermount sink, extensive built-in cabinets and sleek cool-toned tiles. A unique steel staircase inspires a sense of presence, while the fire-engine-red door provides a feeling of youthfulness and creativity. Indoor and outdoor zones are seamlessly integrated through the use of large sliding glass doors and a well-situated back yard invites guests to relax in this urban oasis.