Who We Are

Legacy homes. Built for generations with revolutionary design.

White Hart’s ethos rests on an innovative, collaborative, heart-centric approach to home building. From handpicking the team of people that come together to build your home to meticulously selecting every material that defines the space, you’ll feel the heart and soul of all the exceptional builders, designers, and tradespeople that came together to create your unforgettable home experience. Proudly serving Vancouver, the Sea-to-Sky Corridor, Bowen Island and points beyond.

A Message From Galen

“In design development, the function of a home is where we start to make sure your home meets your family’s needs. The form begins to take shape around these functions while equally respecting the surrounding nature, the topography, and capturing the view corridors. The form, the function, and the land become one. The home is the centre point from where our new perception of living expands. The effect is profound and will continuously deepen as our homes inform our lives.”

Our Process

Experience a new way of living.

We understand the profound impact a space can have on you and how you experience life. This is what drives White Hart Homes. We employ a collaborative approach to building homes that reflects you— with your family and its future in mind. Our synergistic process will involve you from initial concept and budgeting, through construction, until we hand you the keys. The result? A uniquely crafted, custom designed and precision-built home, created to be warm and inspiring. The moment you step inside, we know you’ll feel the difference.



302-566 Artisan Lane
Bowen Island, BC